Jennifer Coker
Executive Director of 
Alternative Programs and Services

The Department of Alternative Programs and Services is committed to establishing a positive school climate in every part of Charleston County School District as well as providing support for students, teachers, administrators, and parents.  Our department oversees CCSD’s four alternative programs that serve students with various needs and challenges.  We serve students who have not found success in traditional school settings.  We work to build skills and confidence so to reunite them to their school community.

Additionally, we provided coaching to our school to implement different aspects of promoting a positive school climate.  We work to support the Multi-Tiered System of Support and Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports teams in each school as well as provide training and support on the implementation of Second Step and Restorative Pratices.   

In conjunction with our coaching of positive climate initiatives, we provide direct support through Behavior Specialists for students and teachers.   We support students and families with Social Workers, Homebound support, Truancy, and Drug and Alcohol prevention and intervention programs.  In conjunction with community partners we also provide direct services for students with mental health and wellness needs.

Finally, we oversee the student discipline process in CCSD.   This includes the creation of the Student Code of Conduct and implementation of the Progressive Discipline Plan.  We organize and conduct student disciplinary hearings and work with school administrators through all phases of the disciplinary process.