Jeffrey Borowy
Chief Operating Officer

Jeff Borowy, COO

The Operations Division is dedicated to our children and faculty by delivering the following:

  • A 21st-century learning environment with the “brick and mortar” of our Capital Programs Department;
  • Clean, functional and comfortable school spaces by our Facilities Maintenance team;
  • An innovative and advanced source of systems, platforms, and applications from our Information TechnologyDepartment;
  • Nutritious and satisfying school meals while educating our children with life-long healthy eating habits from our Nutrition Services staff;
  • Safe and timely bus service to and from school by our Transportation staff;
  • A safe and secure learning environment and campus‘ by our Security team;
  • The best possible scholar forecasting and efficient use of our more than 8 millions square foot of facilities by our Planning and Real Estate Department.

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Operations Job Opportunities

  • No vacancies currently available